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About Us

We are Bryce and Lyndy Omer!  Happily married since June 1976.  Moapa residents since 1981.  Meadow Valley Farm was established January of 2009, on 2 dedicated acres of our 20-acre Farm parcel.

Our mission at Meadow Valley Farm, is to Share the Gifts of Providence to:

1-Nurture families - We have nine amazing children, fourteen (and counting) darling grandchildren!  As devoted members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we believe that Families can be together forever, through God's plan for our happiness and that All people are children of God.

2-Embrace American Freedom - We embrace and support the freedom to choose your food!  We use our freedom to provide ourselves and others with locally grown, healthy food choices.

3-Promote Vibrant Health - We strive to offer a wide variety of year-round, delicious, all-natural, pesticide-free, chemical-free, nutrient-rich, fresh-from-the-farm foods!  

4-Sustain a Balance with Nature - We are an all-natural, pesticide-free farm and we proudly use natural growing methods, which include utilization of all-natural compost, crop rotation, all-natural soil nutrifying, and humane animal care and treatment.

Our vision is to build trusting relationships with families and community members!
We look forward to the blessing of your friendship and serving as your personal Farmers.