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If I Weren't a Farmer, I Wouldn't Know Either!

I'd like to tell you a story, entitled, "If I Weren't a Farmer, I Wouldn't Know Either"
     Knowledge is a wonderful thing!  I am excited to share some of what I've gained in the past few months during my farm experiences and those of neighboring farmers.  I feel it's my obligation, as your farmer, to let you in on it!
     Did you know that garlic takes 7-8 months to grow?  Did you know it has to be planted in October,so it can grow all through the winter (but the freezing does not hurt it)? Did you know that the single clove we planted in Fall, will ONLY become an entire bulb in April/May if we stop watering it for the last few weeks of it's life?  Did you know it needs time to "cure" after it's picked?  Did you know it has the capacity to store for several months, if not eaten soon after harvest and curing?  But even in ideal storage conditions, it eventually does what it is designed to do and either begins to decompose OR begins to "multiply and replenish" by shooting green sprouts!  I am amazed that after being away from it's soil birthplace for months, the garlic clove is still "alive" and it WANTS to grow or to offer life to the eater.   Some of the garlic we harvested last May has withered and dried.  If we had the machinery and know-how, maybe we could grind it into powder and market it.  It's still perfectly "garlic-y."  Oh gets put to good use in the compost pile. 
     Did you know??  If I weren't a farmer, I wouldn't know!

     In your CSA basket we put in the garlic raised here on the Farm.  It took a long time.  It was planted in October 2009 and harvested in May 2010! 

     The garlic, like the other veggies grown here on the farm, are not tampered with in any way.  They may not look "grocery-store perfect" because they AREN'T perfect, and they AREN'T grocery store material!  But as your Farmers, we do our very best, to grow the very best, to bring you the very best, but it's still not going to be perfect.  Each fruit is an individual, unique and one-of-a-kind!

     Look at the photo of the broccoli plant.  Did you know it looked like that?  It's a whopping 24 inches tall!    The "crowns" and florets on this plant are smaller.  Do you ever see the whole plant at the grocery store?  Why not?  Why do you only get the "crown" portion?  Have you ever eaten the leaves or the stalks?  Did you know you COULD eat them?  Did you know those are "gourmet" menu items?  Premium stuff!!   Did you know the raw leaves are delicious in salads, or can be steamed like other "greens"?  Did you know the stalk can be peeled and eaten raw?  Did you know that these parts of the broccoli plant are LOADED with extra nutrition? 
     Did you know?  If I weren't a farmer, I wouldn't know!
     Did you know? 
     Did you know it's a hands-on, day-in-day-out, life-->death-->life cycle on the Farm? 
     And it's all part of God's plan?  If I weren't a farmer, I wouldn't know!                       --Lyndy