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So What If It's Cold? Meadow Valley Farm Is STILL Green!



     Luscious and tasty tidbits!  Chinese Cabbage(photo), along with carrots, cabbage, radishes, beets, green onions, broccoli, kale, spinach, collards, cilantro, baby lettuce, green beans and sweet peas fill our 30 x 100 foot Hoop House.

Notice the white cloth next to some rows.  We use this ground cover over the plants at night  to protect them from the colder-than-usual LOW tempertatures.  During the warm days we roll up the sides to allow fresh air to circulate.  The plants thrive on the gentle caressing of the fresh air breeze.

Bryce and Joshua just side dressed the rows with rich home grown compost.  Lyndy and Summer just planted more green beans where the old Romaine lettuce plants were  removed.                                                                                                              

OUTSIDE: Baby celery plants coming up.  Bryce and Joshua using our trusty tractor.  Next to the Hoop house, grows 2 double rows of carrots.   This exquisite-looking bush is an artichoke plant.  It will grow to 5-6 feet in diameter by May, while producing MANY delicious artichoke fruits.