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Welcome to Meadow Valley CSA Farm! Est. 2009

We are Bryce and Lyndy Omer! Thanks to your continual support, we have an all-natural, pesticide-free farm and we grow fresh food naturally and responsibly JUST FOR YOU

Our mission is to Nurture Families, Embrace American Freedom, Promote Vibrant Health, and Sustain a Balance with Nature.  We are a 100% natural farm and we adhere to better-than-organic farming practices.  No chemical fertilizers - No pesticides - No herbicides!  We promote healthy farming practices, such as the use of all-natural compost, all-natural compost tea, all-natural green manures, and strategic crop rotation to nourish and enrich our soil. We water our crops with water from an on-site well and everything we grow is with all-natural well water!

Join us in our mission today and become a member of the farm family as a shareholder! Thanks to your support, we continue to grow and promote healthy, all-natural food! We deliver baskets weekly to you, filled with delicious farm-grown, hand-harvested vegetables, fresh herbs, eggs from free-range chickens, freshly-picked fruit, and more! We want to provide you the freedom to eat delicious, fresh, REAL food!



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