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Welcome to Meadow Valley CSA Farm! Est. 2009

We are the Omer family, Bryce and Lyndy, with Joshua and Summer!  We Love Sharing the Gifts of Providence to grow Fresh Food Naturally and Responsibly JUST FOR YOU!  

Our mission is to Nurture Families, Embrace American Freedom, Promote Vibrant Health, Sustain a Balance with Nature.  We are a totally natural farm and we adhere to better-than organic farming practices.  No chemical fertilizers - No pesticides - No herbicides!  We DO use compost, compost tea, green manures, and crop rotation practices to build our soil.  We invite you to become a member of the Farm Family as a Shareholder and grow with us! Delicious farm-grown, hand-harvested vegetables and herbs, raw milk and kefir from our milk goats, pure, raw honey from our beehives, eggs from happy, free range chickens and fresh-frozen pork from our pigs all combine to provide shareholders the freedom to eat delicious, fresh, REAL food!  


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