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Fun on the Farm

     I remember growing up as a young teenager in Salt Lake City.  Every year the schools would organize a " Career Day" where people from the community would come in and tell what they did for a living.  I remember hearing from Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics, Firemen, Police Officers, Armed Forces Recruiters,  Dentists (my Dad), Engineers,  Teachers, Businessmen,  and many other professions.  So far in my life I have tried out several of those careers and have enjoyed them and learned a lot.

     I think that the one "Career" that I never heard mentioned, ever, was that of Farmer.  I can think of dozens of reasons why my adult examples would choose not to expose young minds to the possibility of becoming a Farmer.  But they all pale in the face of the reality that we all need to eat to survive.  And food does not grow in the grocery store, it grows out in the dirt and sun and wind and rain, planted by a Farmer and nourished by God.

     I think that this is the most important reason why being a Farmer is a Great thing to be--because it is a way designed by God to get to know Him.  It is certainly a lot better way than a weekly trip to the grocery store is.  As I go out every day and battle the Heat and the Weeds and the Squash bugs and the Wind, I come to realize that I cannot do it alone, that I need His help on a daily basis and that He is there to give it.

     I will be forever grateful to my God for leading me down the path to becoming a Farmer.  I love it and I love this Earth that we have to live on. It is such a miracle to watch the seeds sprout and grow and produce abundantly despite everything.  I feel like a plant that has lain dormant for many years and is finally reaching for the Sun and bearing some good fruit.

     Life is Good,  God is Great,  Have a good week.