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Current Crops

Crop Namesort descending Description
Squash, butternut
Squash, Moapa

Native to Moapa Valley.  LARGE winter squash.  Can be baked, pureed then stored in the freezer to be used like pumpkin, in soups, pies and sweet breads.

Squash, Spaghetti

Large, yellow, Egg-shaped, cut in half, baked in the oven.  The spaghetti like insides are delcious with pasta sauce.

Squash, yellow summer

Like Zucchini except it's yellow, mellow and mild.  I like it better when it is young.

Squash, Zucchini

Used raw, or steamed or stir-fried as a vegetable or grated and used in sweet breads.  We have found a variety that has excellent flavor and texture whether raw or cooked.

Sweet Potatoes

A heat-loving jewel for desert gardners!  Plant in May and harvest 3-4 months later!  We have an excellent crop growing!

Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard has been grown in Europe since the time of the Roman Empire.  The basic varieties have green or red stalks with succulent leaves but other varieties come in almost every color of the rainbow.  All really yummy!  Swiss Chard can be boiled, braised, pan fried, steamed, used in soups and casserols, added to stir fries,or of course eaten raw in salads.


When dried and added to soups it contributes delicious flavor.


Used in Cafe Rio's famous Cilantro Dressing, these look like green tomatoes, but hard instead of soft.



We have these varieites: Early girl, Better boy, Campbells, Redfield Beauty, Amish, Roma, Brandywine, Bush Goliath,

Goliath, Hawaiian Tropic, Green grape, Black cherry, Stupice.  We planted some in the Hoop House and some on the East side of the house and will plant more in the field as the weather warms up.  We are trying more and better methods of successful tomato growing.