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Current Crops

Crop Namesort descending Description
Peas, sweet, green

Planted in field rows and in the Hoop House.  Unfortunately the extemely cold weather of winter actually froze them all out and so noone got any peas this year.  We will plant again this fall and give them better protection.


Good in Herbal Teas and enhances memory.

Peppers, sweet bell

Some varieties turn yellow, orange or red.  Use fresh as a veggie dipper, in salads, salsa or cooked in stir-fry. Can be chopped, put in freezer container and stored for future use in soups and casseroles.


Fun to carve in the Autumn!  Use in pies, soups, sweet breads.


Darling cherry belle variety.  Lovely red color in your salad or used as a garnish.


Use on meat and potatoes for a delicious flavor.


Used in stuffing and seasonings.


Also very good in Herbal Teas.  Grows like a weed, just don't pull it up!


Leafy, dark green salad favorite!  Rich and sweet tasting.  Can be eaten raw or steamed.  This is my most favoritest yummiest and bestest Green in all the world!

Squash, acorn

Small, purple-skinned Winter squash with a sweet flavor.