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Current Crops

Crop Namesort descending Description

In the hoop house we planted a thick 50 foot row of this beautiful, dark green frilly-leafed vegetable, related to the broccoli and cabbage family.  LOADED with vitamins, especially A, C, and K, and lots of minerals, very high in calcium.  Eaten raw in salads, green-drink smoothies, or added to soups, and stir-fry.  Delicious! 


Helps you sleep with its soothing aroma.


We Currently Have 50' of Romaine, 100' of Salad  Mix, and they are both Growing Vibrantly!


We are Planning on Successive Plantings in the coming Weeks and We Currently Have 50' of Romaine, 100' of Salad  Mix,  an Heirloom variety, and a beautiful  red and green leaf variety   They are all Growing Vibrantly!


Mustard Greens

This leafy green has a bit of a zing and a zip to it.  Add some spice to your salad!


This plant loves the heat and grows to six feet or more in our garden.  Okra is a protein rich vegetable.  It was originally from Africa, and was probably introduced into the southern part of the United States by French sttlers where it has become an essential ingredient of Gumbo.


Onions are one of the most popular cooking vegetables in the world.  They are good for you too.  We plant many varieties of onion.

From green onions to spanish yellow to Walla Walla to sweet white or sweet red we try to have onions as a staple in our garden baskets.

Onions, green

These lovely and tasty things add just the right amount of green splash to salads, dressings and stir fry dishes.  sprinkle chopped green onions as a garnish.

Oregano- Herb

An Italian seasoning, Used in pasta sauce, or sprinkled fresh on top of pizza. YUM! (pronounced you-m)

Peas, sweet, green

Planted in field rows and in the Hoop House.  Unfortunately the extemely cold weather of winter actually froze them all out and so noone got any peas this year.  We will plant again this fall and give them better protection.