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Current Crops

Crop Namesort descending Description
Cabbage, heads

We're growing many varieties.  Light green, purple-red colors in heads.  Adds nutrition and fiber in cabbage salad or mixed with salad greens, or cooked as a side dish.


We have 800 feet total row, 400 in the hoop-house and 400 in the outside rows.  Even though they are young, the green tops look fantastic and the carrots are crunchy-sweet!  


Creamy white, tender, and tasty, Cauliflower grown on the farm is definitely superior to the grocery store product.  Our Cauliflower has it's own distinct character and flavor.  Once you've eaten it you'll be sold.


Crispy, tall stalks packed with flavor!  12 week old transplants, from Ballard's Nursery put in the garden on Feb 15, 2011.


This herb makes a very soothing and calming tea.  It also helps you get a good nights sleep.

Chinese cabbage

Loose and leafy lettuce-like heads, to be eaten raw as a salad green or cooked in stir-fried dishes.


A cool season delight.  Add fresh to salsa.  Grown in the Hoop house during the Winter.  Transplanted outside for Spring.  Some in pots for Growing indoors during the Summer heat.



Tasty Collards for Salad or Steaming  are growing in a 50 foot Row in the Hoop-House.  They are a Very Prolific Grower


Such a Delicious, Healing fragrance.   Great to have in the house.