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Current Crops

Crop Namesort descending Description
Armenian Cucumber

Large heads, with succulent leaves, for wonderful eating!  A good source of vitamins A, B, C, and fiber, potassium, sodium, protein and iodine.


This salad Green is very robust and hardy.  It has a very strong kick to it, almost like a hot pepper.  We have planted a salad mix containing it.  It is a dark green leaf on the small side.  Now you know what that was in your salad!


This crop takes 1-2 years growing time before it's mature enough for eating.  Our plants are in progress and we expect a bounteous harvest in 2012.


Use in Italian dishes.  We are able to grow huge Basil trees (well almost) here on the farm.  Just getting close to them is enough to make your mouth water.

Beans, green

We love beans right off the bush.  They are sweet and tender and full of vitamins A and C and Calcium and Iron.  A wonderful addition to any meal

Beans, yellow

Like green beans, only they're yellow and so Awesomely tender and delicious  We Love Them!


We have 3 Succession Plantings of Beets that will be harvested throughout the Fall

We usually harvest them on the small side: 1-2 inches, so that the greens are tasty and tender.

Black-eyed peas

We are looking forward to our first real harvests of these yummy sweet pearls in the summer of 2012


A popular favorite!  Compact dark-green heads and side shoots.   The leaves and stalks are just as delicious and nutritious as the rest!  The tiny yellow flowers are a gourmet chef's delight!