Welcome to Meadow Valley CSA Farm! Est. 2009

We are the Omer family, Bryce and Lyndy, with Joshua and Summer!  We Love Sharing the Gifts of Providence to grow Fresh Food Naturally and Responsibly JUST FOR YOU!  


WELCOME to our Twelve-week Winter Season beginning Wednesday January 4!  THANK YOU FOR JOINING US!  We look forward to sharing Rich Spinach, crisp, cool Lettuces and Leafy Greens to name a few of the many delicious Farm grown produce coming in weekly baskets.  FRESH EGGS laid by free range hens fed organic, raw, NON GMO grains and garden greens.  Bryce and Lyndy have been busy during their winter "vacation" with planting winter crops, laying new water lines, and dressing broiler chickens, raised right here on the Farm!  

Current CSA Basket


 SUMMER SEASON Begins July 5, 2017!


If I Weren't a Farmer, I Wouldn't Know Either!

I'd like to tell you a story, entitled, "If I Weren't a Farmer, I Wouldn't Know Either"
     Knowledge is a wonderful thing!  I am excited to share some of what I've gained in the past few months during my farm experiences and those of neighboring farmers.  I feel it's my obligation, as your farmer, to let you in on it!